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cool stuff in Canvas

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So an academic asked me for my top ten *cool things for teaching in Canvas* ... I've got my favourites but seeking inspiration for Canvas hacks that have worked really well for early adopters Smiley Happy

Thanks in advance

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Use the commons!  You can share modules with yourself, and changes made to one can be propagated out to other courses using them!  I have some general purpose modules that I keep up to date in this way.  If I find a problem, I just fix, upload, then push the change out to all my other courses.  I love this feature.

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Hi  @carmen_vallis 

  1. The Community, searching for similar questions and using all the helpful posts to make courses amazing
  2. Vimeo | The high-quality home for video hosting and watching  (Good to keep videos private and easy to embed and update as you go)
  3. Using HTML5 for interactive activities, I prefer H5P – Create and Share Rich HTML5 Content and Applications  
  4. Tabs in courses, to break up the pages
  5. This awesome post for changing that horrible audio icon to something cleaner! Canvas audio link size  
  6. Search posts by James Jones he has some great ideas and content information
  7. I embed podcasts, twitter and other feeds in to pages
  8. Using Badgr within courses
  9. I made an image mapped image to make a cool clickable homepage, you could try something like this one Image Map Tool - On-line Image Map Creator - HTML & CSS |  
  10. We use Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing - Zoom links embed within modules to run online training sessions
  11. Putting banners, pictures and other "good-looking" material in to freshen up the pages
  12. The use of creative and customised buttons to direct page use rather than clicking next
  13. Using the inline view of pdf's within pages rather than directing them outside of Canvas
  14. Using flipbooks to embed policy manuals within the pages so they can read them directly within the pages
  15. Using (self teaching to figure it out) some html basic code for other changes within pages

Feel free to reach out to see some in action or chat further.

Cheers, Jacob

The link for this seems to be broken 😞  I know it's an old post, but I'd love to see these!