custom image background in table cell not working in Firefox

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hey folks i've been doing a little bit of customizing of tables and i found you can actually set an image as a background for a table cell. you have to edit the HTML for it, but the method does work - except in Firefox. here's the tags code:

<td style="width: 349px; background-image: url(;">

now, you'll notice the 'url(' doesn't get a closing ')'. so i think it's possible it's breaking as result of the closing parenthesis missing, but in Safari it looks fine (maybe it fills in the missing parenthesis?). furthermore if i edit the HTML by hand so that it reads:

<td style="width: 349px; background-image: url(;">

the editor will simply blank out that closing ) and go back to the earlier example above.

any clue what's going on and if there's a solution here? i know i can do solid backgrounds for table cells in the Rich Text Editor but i wanted to have somewhat of a textured thing going - i'm basically using simple two celled tables, side by side or vertical with picture on one side and text on the other. any help appreciated!