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ePortfolios for students to use

How are other schools implementing the use of students using ePortfolio's effectively? What is the best way for students to use ePortfolio's while they are attending college within Canvas? We are trying to help our students here showcase their education and experiences in a portfolio style format. Any information on how other schools have tackled this challenge would be most helpful.

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Greetings, David,

ePortfolios are literally an LMS-based "resume" that students can use to showcase what they've done, and the fact that Canvas offers the use of ePortfolios, and students are already uploading their content to Canvas, the transition from course or section to ePortfolio is really pretty straightforward.

Accessing the ePortfolios is really simple, thanks to its integration at the main Account level;


Then by simply selecting it, and everyone can read what the purpose is in order to guide how they perceive ePortfolios;


From here, and for documentation sake, here are a few links by the  @jivedocs_unfede ‌

How do I create a new ePortfolio as a student?

How do I download the contents of my ePortfolio as a student?

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One of the most important things regarding ePortfolio is the end game. What happens when the student leaves the institution and no longer has access? Do they get some kind of alumni access? What happens when the institution leaves Canvas and moves to another LMS? This is a huge struggle with ePortfolios that OU is trying to solve. We have no answers, yet. 

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I have project that integrate several courses and find ePortfolio very usefull. Also want the students to include screencast as evidence of knowledge

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Here at McHenry County College we require and e-portfolio as part of the graduation requirement. We offer multiple workshops and help from the honor society to help students build the portfolio. They can download and save the file and keep it after graduation for their use so if we leave Canvas it doesn't matter. Since it's their work, they own it. 

I'm not sure if students have actually done that but the option exists and I always educate students about it. You can watch some exciting (but slightly outdated) videos about the e-portfolio graduation requirement. Save your Work | Create your E-Portfolio 

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I attended graduate school in the 80s. I kept all my papers. I have a file drawer full of these papers. Now, if I want to keep them electronically I must scan these documents, which I can do, especially with Evernote and Scannable. 

Imagine the ability to download any or all of one's work into an ePortfolio.

Imagine another helpful feature in this regard: Keep the course and the course content that one produces in an ePub of the course. Smart!!!

Thanks for creating these helpful tools, Instructure!!! 🙂