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enhanceable_content in New Assignment Interface

Prior to our district upgrading to the New Assignment interface, I was able to design my assignment descriptions using Canvas' CSS enhanceable_content tabs style. With the new assignment upgrade, this still works, but in a funky way as described below (see image attachments to this post for an illustration). 

  • When the student's assignment page opens, the tabbed elements appear fragmented.
  • After waiting 5-seconds to 1-minute, the description self-corrects and the tabs are displayed properly. 
  • Refreshing the page does not fix the issue, but sometimes scrolling to the description's bottom does.

Does anyone know a workaround or have updated HTML code to solve the issue that I am experiencing?


A Few Caveats:

  • I remember when the new assignment interface was released in preview, there was a forum post by instructional designers about how their designs were not compatible. I thought Instructure said that they were re-evaluating the new interface based on designer feedback. 
  • I do not have the option to turn off the new assignment feature as that has disappeared from the course settings this year.
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Community Coach
Community Coach

Unfortunately I feel like at this point we are on borrowed time using the enhanceable_content elements on our Canvas pages.  Most of the functionality no longer works, and tabs are having a rough time rendering on mobile apps.  It's definitely not a future-proof approach to page design in Canvas - though it definitely is a "fan favorite".