Academic Integrity and Contract Cheating Resources from Turnitin Team


Turnitin is back to deliver our latest teaching resources and product updates for making the teaching process both quicker and easier. Below you may also find the webinars and user summit conducted by our team in collaboration with educational technologists and instructors.


Below there are some eBooks prepared by our team that may be of interest to you.

What Do You Need to Know About Assessment? | eBook

The eBook covers:

  • How the foundational principles of assessment apply in today’s landscape
  • Evaluating different types of assessment and their correlation to learning outcomes
  • Best practices for online and hybrid assessment to maximize student learning

Upholding Equity and Integrity in Remote Instruction | eBook

In this essential resource for high school educators facing rapid change and new modes of instruction, you will:

  • Learn to identify and address inequities that the pandemic-driven shift to remote instruction have made even more visible
  • Gain insights best support learning differences in a distance learning environment
  • Acquire strategies for building community among students even when you can’t share the same space
  • Build a culture of academic integrity 

Academic Integrity 101 | eBook

The eBook covers: 

  • Understanding academic integrity and its application
  • Plagiarism facts and trends 
  • Addressing academic integrity in your classroom 
  • Incorporating academic integrity measures in your institution’s strategic plan 
  • Handy resources to facilitate the student-educator journey with academic integrity  

Webinar on Contract Cheating, e-Cheating and Academic Integrity. Practical Approaches to ensuring Digital Equity

In light of the shift to remote learning and the associated challenges, two very common questions have emerged:

  • "Are my students learning and taking ownership for their assessment outcomes?"
  • "Are my students submitting their own original work?"

No institution is immune from the risk of contract cheating - the practice of students engaging a third party to complete assignments - but there are ways to combat this insidious form of misconduct.

All are welcome, however, this is particularly relevant to Academic Integrity officers and Academic System Managers, in Learning, Teaching and Development; Digital Learning officers and anyone who is interested in setting up academic integrity practices within their institutions.

You may watch the recorded webinar following the link: 

P.S. Please register to watch on-demand.

Gradescope User Summit

The 2021 Gradescope User Summit brought members of our community together to share innovative approaches to teaching and best practices for accelerating grading and feedback. Explore the presentations from our 2021 User Summit HERE.

Hear from instructional technology specialists, instructional designers, and like-minded colleagues who evaluate new technology, provide support and training, and help instructors get the most from Gradescope. Learn how they build meaningful use cases, help onboard instructional and marking staff new to Gradescope, build user communities on campus, and share assessment best practices for Gradescope. Watch the Panel Discussion with Educational Technologists:


Coaching Conversations

From offering formative feedback and suggesting revision ideas, to addressing potential plagiarism and citation concerns -- in-person and online -- these coaching conversations are key to making the most of every teachable moment. Walk away from this webinar with thoughtful insight and actionable suggestions on structured, coaching conversations for every type of writing need.​ 

If you want to learn more about academic integrity, assessment with integrity, or check webinars and interviews with educators and thought leaders on these topics, visit this page where we collected the most up-to-date academic integrity resources and best practices.

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