Using Turnitin Feedback Studio to Support Remote Learning

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Designing and delivering assessments is an important part of student learning and teaching efficacy. In any environment, but especially in online learning, academic integrity is key to an accurate assessment of student knowledge. When developing your own remote assessments here are a few of the most important elements educators need to consider.

  1. Establish a positive relationship with students and make sure they feel seen. Use the LMS as a place where students can have discussions about lesson materials, share best practices, and ask any questions they might have. Encouraging student interaction to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness is key to a successful remote learning experience. 
  2. Feedback is more important than ever. Face-to-face settings give teachers the ability to observe student confusion or comprehension; online learning environments diminish this. As a result, learning in online environments relies even more heavily on student-teacher feedback loops.
  3. Build a community around academic integrity. Once students understand what academic integrity is and why it’s important, make sure to include an academic integrity statement in your LMS and on each assignment. 
  4. Design assessments that uphold academic integrity. Personalize your assignments. Ensure your questions are specific to your course content, including content from your lectures or class discussions. Provide rubrics and grading criteria for each assignment, so students will know exactly how they will be graded.
  5. Be aware of emerging forms of misconduct in remote learning. The nature of online learning environments makes certain forms of misconduct readily accessible. In addition to copy-paste plagiarism, AI text generators, smart devices, and essay mills are a button-click away in online learning. 

Through our partnership and integration with Turnitin Feedback Studio Canvas customers can keep academic integrity a central tenant as you support remote instruction and assessments. 

How Does Turnitin Feedback Studio Work with Canvas?

Feedback Studio is a similarity checking, feedback, and grading solution proven to safeguard institutional reputation and deter plagiarism. The world’s most comprehensive collection of internet, academic, and student paper content ensures reliable results when checking student work for text similarity. Time-saving formative feedback and grading tools help students cultivate writing excellence, build critical thinking skills, and drive career readiness.

Turnitin and Canvas have partnered to build LMS integrations that give access to Feedback Studio similarity checking, feedback, and grading capabilities directly within the Canvas environment. Whether you’re using SpeedGrader or Feedback Studio to assess student work, Turnitin has options to ensure we meet all your institutional, departmental, and course needs. 

Instructors can easily create a Turnitin assignment and choose their settings without breaking their existing workflows and use Feedback Studio’s intuitive set of commenting and grading tools to provide students with actionable and personalized feedback.


Get more information and resources to help you support remote learning using Turnitin Feedback Studio and Canvas with this round up of tools and an infographic.

How to Deliver Remote Grading and Assessment with IntegrityHow to Deliver Remote Grading and Assessment with Integrity



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