The Training Services Portal is where you can find videos, courses, and pathways that you can embark on to learn more about using Canvas. If your institution offers limited or unlimited subscription (webinars) you will also find a calendar full of live training events on the Training Calendar that you can attend. 


We have recently added additional content to the Training Services Portal. 

New Core Content  

Available to clients that do not have unlimited or limited subscription training:

(Essential Implementation)

  • Creating New Quizzes 
  • SIS Integration for Canvas Teachers
Published 1.4.2021
  • SIS Integration for Canvas Admins
Published 1.4.2021


New Advanced Content

If your institution has limited or unlimited subscription training: 

(Standard & Premium Implementation)

  • Canvas Teacher App K12 Android
  • Canvas Teacher App HED Android
  • Canvas Teacher App K12 iOS 
  • Canvas Teacher App HED iOS
  • New Quizzes
  • K12 New Quizzes 

Canvas + Google Integration 

  • Overview of Google Assignments LTI 1.3 
  • Embedding Content using Google Drive LTI 1.3
  • Creating Canvas Assignments with Google
  • Providing Feedback with Google Assignments 
Published on 10.5.2020

Canvas + Microsoft Office Integration 

  • Overview of Office 365 Integration
  • Embedding and Linking Content using Office 365
  • Creating Canvas Assignments with Office 365
  • Collaborations using Microsoft Office 365 
  • Feedback for Office 365 Assignments 
Published on 11.10.2020

Canvas for School Leadership

  • Canvas Overview for Admins
  • Canvas at the School or District Level
  • Data in Canvas
Published on 11.18.2020

Templates & Sharing

  • Accessing Content in the Commons
  • Customizing Content
  • Sharing Content
Published on 12.3.2020

Canvas for Young Learners (K-2)

  • Home Pages, Buttons, and Modules... Oh My!
  • Assignments for K-2 Teachers
  • Apps and External Tools for K-2 
  • Strategies for Non-Readers in K-2
Published 12.22.2020

Course Design and Accessibility

  • Best Practices for Course Design
  • Canvas Course Evaluations and Accessibility 
  • Engaging Learners
Published 12.23.2020
  • SIS Integration for Canvas Admins
  • SIS Integration for Canvas Teachers
Published 1.4.2021


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Happy Learning! 


Updated 1.5.2021

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