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User Summary: Canvas Instructors (2021-10-27)

User Summary: Canvas Instructors (2021-10-27)

This document highlights updated features in the current Canvas web release that affect your user role. The date of this document indicates when the included features will be available in the production environment. Unless otherwise indicated, features are already available in the beta environment.


Updated Features



Search Field Enhancements

The Name and Assignment Search fields support multiple search entries. This change provides advanced filtering in the Gradebook.

View additional details for Search Field Enhancements

Gradebook History Menu Addition

The Gradebook History page includes a link to the Gradebook. This change allows users to access the Gradebook directly from the Gradebook History page.

View additional details for Gradebook History Menu Addition



Assignment Title Terminology Adjustment

In the Arrange By menu, the Assignment Title option has been renamed to the Name option. This change aligns terminology consistency with the Name column in the Grades page.

View additional details for Assignment Title Terminology Adjustment



Discussions Text Update

Various notification descriptions have been updated for Discussions. This change aligns with Discussions terminology and also prepares for future Discussion enhancements.

View additional details for Discussion Text Update

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