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I'm wondering if anyone in this group has used the Canvas API to drill down into the usage of mobile devices and apps. In starting research into mobile device usage on campus (something that should have been started before I got here three years ago!), I want to find the easiest way to locate this data. Looking at pulling in data regarding the Canvas Student apps, as well as access from mobile browsers, on iOS and Android devices.

The Canvas API FastTrack video was incredibly helpful in getting started (especially when recommended experts on campus don't return your emails), but sorting through all the content on the live API page is pretty much a slog.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi cgaudreau‌, 

We pull data on mobile at UCF, but it's originated from Canvas Data and not the APIs, so I'm not really sure to help you here. I'm lucky enough to have a team of smart people that can do this for me. I can tell you that the mobile apps can be identified in activity logs with the following User Agents. Hope this helps a little. 

Canvas Student - iOS (Red App)
  • Canvas
    • ex: Canvas/3.14.0 (iPhone; iOS 9.3.2; Scale/2.00))
  • iCanvas
    • ex: iCanvas/3.13.2 (iPhone; iOS 9.3.2; Scale/2.00))
  • Canvas/com.instructure.icanvas 
    • ex: Canvas/com.instructure.icanvas (1035; OS Version 9.3.2 (Build 13F69))
  • CanvasKit
    • ex: CanvasKit/1.0
Canvas Mobile - Android (Red App)
  • candroid
    • ex: candroid/4.5.0 (122) 
Canvas Teacher - iOS
  • Teacher
    • Ex: Teacher/0.3 (iPhone; iOS 11.0; Scale/3.00)
Canvas Teacher - Android
  • androidTeacher
    • Ex: androidTeacher/1.0.1 (7)
  • SpeedGrader
    • ex: SpeedGrader/226 (iPad; iOS 8.1.2; Scale/2.00)
Canvas Polls
  • polling
    • ex: polling/1.0 (iPhone; iOS 8.3; Scale/2.00)
MagicMarker (iOS Only)
  • MagicMarker
    • ex: MagicMarker/1.1 (iPhone; iOS 8.1.2; Scale/2.00) 

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