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On the teacher app (iphone), I can only see courses that I have created. To see courses in which I'm enrolled that I have not created (our school's Canvas page, club Canvas pages, etc.), I had to download the STUDENT app to access. Can they just be consolidated into one feature on the teacher app?

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The Student App and the Teacher App are designed with different features in mind, they are not just a mobile view to the exact content.  With Canvas teacher for instance the ability is there to grade with speed grader, post announcements, edit some content and publish items; all things that are specific to the role of a teacher.  With Canvas Student you can submit assignments, take quizzes, view all courses content, etc.  Similarly there is a Parent app which has functionality more geared to the permissions allowed and use cases of a parent/observer.

I'm not a mobile designer but my guess is that the intention is to have a cleaner interface in each app to focus on the appropriate tasks, rather then cluttering up the interface with too much.  Permissions may also play a part in terms of being able to code tasks for teachers to do in their app if you don't allow students to get into it.


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