I prefer to use my ipad app and the speedgrader to grade my math assignments. However, at home the assignments will not open on my ipad.

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I can use the app on my ipad when I am on campus and I have no problems with the assignments opening, marking them and returning them to students.  However, at home the app will not open the assignments.  We have Gen5 as our internet provider but we have no issues streaming movies or any other internet use.  The assignments open very slowly on my computer but I can't mark them with the apple pen if I grade on the computer.  

Maybe there is a way to open one student assignment at a time instead of all of them at once? Is there a setting that I could change.  All assignments are set as online file uploads. Students either use the canvas app to complete their assignments and upload or they use other apps such as noteability or goodnotes

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Hi  @thaskiel ‌, 

I have not heard of this issue with the Canvas Teacher app. If you have a device that your institution owns or controls, I'd suggest you talk with your school. Either way, it might be good to talk to you school to see if they can have Canvas support investigate the issue. You can also select "Report an Issue" under the Help section in the app to report this issue. Let us know if you find a solution. Thanks. 

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