Parent Canvas won't link, giant runaround for support

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I'm a parent trying to link Parent Canvas on android to my 3 kids (2 schools).  QR codes are marked invalid on the app.  Called school, transferred in circled, given number to country help desk where an automated service says to contact school.

Went to this site, which also just gives links to useless pages & no contact phone nor email in sight!

I have no canvas login - I'm trying to connect to kid's Canvas logins!

Any help/pointers in the correct direction to get support would be appriciated!

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Community Team


Welcome to the Canvas Community! We'll do our best to connect you with the resources you need. While we're not Tech Support, we can collaborate and provide ideas and information.

With your Observer account, are you already "linked" to your students?

How do I link a student to my user account as an observer? 

If you are, that's awesome! Next, we need to connect you with the Canvas Parent app. It sounds like you've already tried the QR Code. From the "Find My School" option when the app opens, are you able to type in the district manually? Alternatively, you could type in the URL that you find at the top of your browser (when viewing Canvas on a computer) right into that app screen.

 How do I log in to the Canvas Parent app on my iOS device with a QR code?

Where do I find my institution's URL to access Canvas?  


Let's pause here! There are other suggestions and tips I can share, but let's focus on getting your Observer account to recognize you in Canvas Parent before going further. I'm looking forward to collaborating! 🙂

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