Quiz in Student App Shows Two Dots, No Take Quiz Bar

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I have a student who is attempting to take a quiz in Canvas. When she goes to the quiz via the app, there is an orange and a blue dot where the TAKE QUIZ bar normally appears. I cannot get her access to the quiz. I added her separately to the quiz assignment, so I knew it was including her. Still, the two dots,

When I went to the web based version of Canvas, I was able to get her to the quiz, she entered the passcode, and was able to take the quiz.

She does happen to be a new student to our school just this week. I don't know is this makes a difference.

Thanks for any help or tips.

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Hi  @kelley_kaminsky ‌,

It's been about 2 weeks, so I was curious if you were able to figure out the issue with the quiz? I generally only see blue dots, but I have seem an orange in the past, just not sure why/when and what it means. I'm curious if other students were seeing the same in the mobile app or if this was isolated to one student. I would suggest checking to see if the student has the latest version of Canvas student and consider contacting Canvas support through the app if this is still an issue. 

How do I get help with the Student app on my iOS device? 

How do I get help with the Student app on my Android device? 

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Hi! Good news -- Canvas Student 6.8.2 is out, and it includes an update to Quizzes!

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