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Hi! I am a college student who uses Canvas a lot for my courses. I recently got a new iPad and I have been doing my assigned readings through the Canvas app. I have sight issues and I was wondering if anyone has an app or setting I can access to help me read better while using the app. I am aware that Canvas on a browser has Microsoft Immersive Reader and also the Readspeaker webSpeaker, but is there any feature like that on the iOS app? If not, does anyone know of an iOS app that has the same capabilities as Readspeaker webSpeaker/ Visor (a google chrome extension). Thank you and have a nice day!

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Hi @sugar_mango,

Unfortunately, the Canvas Student App doesn't support features like MS Immersive Reader and as you guessed it, anything like this would need to be done through a browser. The iOS app does support many of Apple's accessibility features when using Canvas tools such as Pages, Modules, Assignments, etc. Two that I find particularly helpful is Text Size in iOS settings and Smart Invert to make the text easier to read without inverting items like images and videos. Also, I'm not sure of the files being used in your course, but the native iOS Office app supports immersive features. Hope some of this helps. 

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