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Community Team
Community Team

2021 Q4 Mobile Idea Roundup




The Instructure Community is full of amazing spaces to collaborate. One of the ideas that have the power to influence the future of the Product Roadmap (including Mobile!) ideaIdea Conversations.

While you can search Mobile and filter the results, @rseilham and I did the initial sorting for you. Items are listed in order of priority under each app. While every item could certainly be debated as important, with our time working with Canvas apps at our respective institutions (K12 + HE represented) and ongoing collaboration with the Canvas Mobile Team, we are generally able to predict the wide impact, the feasibility of implementation, and the complexity around the development of the idea itself. (aka: We did our best to help you sort through this super-long list!) This, by no means, implies that items at the bottom of the list have don't deserve to be seen in the mobile apps though!

On any of the ideas, please rate using the star system at the top. Then, add your opinions, thoughts, and use-cases to the discussion! The more you can share, the better others, including the Canvas Mobile Team, will understand the need for the feature.

Feel free to add comments to this post to draw attention to ideas we may have missed or if you have a favorite idea or two you’d like to give some extra love.


Mobile On!

Kristin and Ryan


Canvas Student


Canvas Teacher


Canvas Parent


Miscellaneous Mobile

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