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Canvas Conferences Join

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      I am the Instructor of Business Office Administration Course via Online Class Instruction. With COVID-19 we started our online class instruction journey with continued communication and connection via Canvas Conferences Join with out students.  


      The connection between the LIVE class schedule with online instruction was key for ensuring there was no separation of school learning, no pausing in rhythm and no disconnect. Thus I started meeting daily at 8AM for morning roll call, announcements, and instructions on daily task assignments assigned via Canvas Conferences Join. We also continued to do a daily afternoon conference join for roll call, announcements, and live activities at 1PM which consisted with real class schedule of returning from lunch (1pm).


      By the second month we agreed to change the AM Canvas Conferences Join to 9AM to better fit with everyone's schedule at home, since many had kids. Below are the instructions for our Daily AM and PM Canvas Conferences Join.

  • You must log in to Canvas each morning and afternoon for mandatory roll call attendance via Conferences Join (Set times 9AM-10AM and 1PM-2PM, times may be changed).


      During the Conferences Joins we cover: Instructions, Live Practice Activities, Updates, Briefed Lectures and Important Announcements. The Conferences Join has been wonderful for us to touch base together as a whole class, and for me to provide my BOA students with briefed lectures.


      Canvas Conferences Join has worked to cover roll call via the Shared Notes section (see sample attached). They all know to go to Shared Notes as soon as they Join and sign their name! I have Live Q & A from students via Chat on going through out the lecture, as well the students interact act with each other on the Chat. I upload my google slides to start the presentation and in conjunction share YouTube Videos that correspond to the lectures which can easily be shared via the Share a Video tool, as well as Share my Screen to show them a document or a web site that I want them to view. 


      The students know the time we are scheduled to have our Conference Join and login to Canvas at that time to click Join. The great thing is that Canvas also send an email alert and it sows up in the Dashboard for easy access! I love Conferences Join and highly recommend it to connect with your students on a daily basis during COVID-19 Online Instruction.


~Rose Chavez-Rocha~

~Mrs. Chavez~  

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