Canvas Mobile Support Docs for Spanish Speakers

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As someone who works with ESOL students, I have found that many of our young learners coming from Central and South America have more experience working on mobile devices (particularly Android devices) than they do working on a desktop or laptop computer. When I went into the guides, I noticed there is a not a lot of information to assist Spanish speakers on how to download and most importantly log in and navigate the app-based versions of Canvas. For K12 ESOL students, many also have their parents assist them in this process, which may have little to no English language acquisition. 

In order to assist parents and students in this process, we used the official Canvas guides to translate and create directions for Spanish speakers and wanted to share for anyone in need of these resources. There are directions on how to download and log in Free for Teachers Canvas for both iOS and Android users. Hopefully others will find these useful for ESOL Spanish speakers. Please share! 

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