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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Canvas Teacher App: Include Submission Comments filter in Inbox

For the mobile Canvas Teacher app, please include "Submission Comments" as a filter in Canvas Conversations/Inbox.


In desktop Canvas, a filter is available to view all (including all new) Submission Comments but not on the Canvas Teacher app.


This will allow instructors to be able to more easily access all (and specifically all new) communication from students at one glance (as submission comments are not included within the inbox filter as far as I am aware).


Some of our professors turn off all notifications (for various reasons) but actively monitor their Inbox and Comment Submissions for any new activity. They can do this on desktop easily by going to Conversations and filtering by either Inbox or filtering by Comment Submissions. However, on mobile the Comment Submission filter is missing and thus you have to go into the submissions individually by student to see activity. Frankly ain't nobody got time for that (unless you are actively moving through the submission for grading). This does not address when students make comments after you grade, sometimes weeks afterwards when they finally review their feedback/scores.

Hope I did this right  @rseilham ‌.

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Community Team
Community Team

 @valentinesking  - Thanks for submitting an idea! I hope others contribute to the conversation. I agree with you; the filtering option would be really helpful for instructors/TAs using Canvas Teacher.

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @valentinesking ‌, 

I am a proponent of parity between the web and mobile apps, where it makes sense. In this case, since filters already exist in the app, I agree that this criteria would be helpful for faculty that use it. 

Community Participant

 @valentinesking  Have you had a chance to submit this idea officially through Canvas Studio‌? If so, please share the link so others can contribute to that discussion as well. Mobile On!

Community Champion

This is a good idea! Smiley Happy