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Community Team
Community Team

Clarify Mobile Assignment Submission Details


Clarify which submission format students need to use to submit an assignment.

Describe your mobile idea.

Within the mobile apps, it would be helpful for students to be able to understand when an assignment is "On Paper" or has "No Submission" rather than the "Submit Assignment" button not being active. Whichever submission form should be displayed for the students.

How will this mobile idea benefit Canvas users?

It would add clarity for students. Sometimes it is unclear what the expectations for submissions are. Teachers check boxes when creating the assignment, but they don't always include the directions within the text of each assignment.

Share a use case.

For example, a student is accustomed to submitting work through Canvas as a file upload. However, on a day when an instructor decides to change the submission type, the student does not understand why the "Submit Assignment" button is no longer active in the mobile app. If the submission type was displayed, a student would be able to troubleshoot on their own and better understand how their work needs to be submitted to their teacher for grading.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Couldn't agree more. This is another case of the web Canvas being more user friendly. This information would be even more helpful on a mobile device because it's inherently more complicated to submit assignments on a mobile device due to the workflow and interface.

Community Team
Community Team

Here's the link to the feature idea: