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Discovered Treasure: Fast Track Video Series

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I am new to the Canvas Community and  I am discovering what many of you already know: there is so very much that will support meaningful instruction in our classrooms!  There is a lot to learn in a short time before we roll Canvas out to our large district.  I'm on the prowl for the guides and other resources that will help me be prepared to support our teachers.


One of my favorite finds this week has been the Fast Track Video Series by  @lstark .  Follow this link to the Canvas Engagement Strategies group for the Fast Track Admin Series and the original Fast Track SeriesThe videos are  2 1/2 - 3 minutes of wonderfulness that highlight Canvas tools. I like that the format presents specific topics precisely and crisply. I can get in, get informed and get on my way in under 3 minutes.  This is perfect for folks like me who are learning a lot on the fly.  I anticipate using these videos to support professional development and for reminders for myself.  The tutorials are already made and that frees me up to support teachers in other ways.


If you haven’t discovered this series yet, I’d like to invite you to take, oh, about 2 ½ - 3 minutes to discover some of these treasures.  You might join me in thanking Leslie Stark for working so hard so that we don’t have to. 


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