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Does Canvas app have limited functionality?

Hello all!

I'm having two issues with the Canvas Student app (on Android - haven't tested IoS), that I'm getting no help from Canvas support on.

1. Does the app support the use of buttons? I've created buttons on the homepage of my course which work beautifully on desktop but when I test on the student app they are stripped out. I've trawled through multiple discussions but can't find anyone else with this issues.

2. Does the app support SCORM files? From this 2017 and this 2018 discussion, it seems it does not. Has this changed at all since then? When I test on the app, it says it cannot load the package (although it works fine on desktop).

 @rseilham ‌ You seem to have be present in most of the posts I've ready - are you able to shed any light?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @onlineclassroom ‌, 

For #1, it really depends. How are you creating these buttons? Are you using custom CSS, JS, or anything else? 

For #2, I haven't heard of any update on the SCORM files and mobile apps. I don't use SCORM specifically, but the conversation in the community has been less about this topic, but I'm not sure why.

Thanks Ryan.

Nope, I'm not using any custom CSS. I've been following this article: 

Do you know of anyone who might have clarity on the SCORM & mobile apps issue?

Hi again, 

Thanks for the additional information. Unfortunately, these buttons never worked in the mobile app. The only workaround is writing your own custom CSS and JS specifically for the mobile app and uploading it to the Canvas theme editor. I don't really have any good documentation to point you to for how to do this. As for your second questions, I'll send you a PM.