Engaging students with "The Goodies"

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This post starts with a history lesson from my childhood. I grew up in Australia in the 80s. One of my fondest memories was rushing home from school to ensure that each afternoon I could catch my FAVORITE show, The Goodies!


The Goodies were three friends; Tim, Graeme and Bill, who ran a business where they spent each episode solving other peoples (or their own) problems. Let me give you a quick sample of their genius below.

So what made the Goodies successful? Well, it was easily their appealing slogan. "Anything, Anywhere, Anytime" and it is this very same message I use when talking Canvas Mobile!


Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

From the very early days Canvas recognised that for true adoption we needed to be where the users were, when they needed us on whatever device they were on. Or, what I simply refer to as "The Goodies Method". And while thankfully we do it with a higher level of success and professionalism than the original intrepid trio, the ethos remains the same.


Be it through a purpose built App (Teacher, Student, Parent) or through the Mobile Webb, Canvas ensures that users get quick and easy access to what they need in a quick and efficient manner. And that includes not just access but also notifications.


So when was the last time you unleashed your Goodies?