For the Love of Flexibility

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Our recent adoption of Canvas gave us the opportunity to promote a truly flexible online learning environment to our students. The next step, was proving our ability to respond to our students feedback. Feedback which ultimately told us we lacked the ability to meet our learners needs. Our students stated that we were unable to:

  • Provide easily accessible and up to date data on their current course progress without the assistance of the administration and training team
  • Provide the capability for them to complete part of their assessment 'on-the-go', view due dates and notifications all without access to a desktop
  • Give them the opportunity to easily interact with their instructor.

This feedback was crying out for us to update our current practices, and engage with our students on a different level.

The introduction of the Canvas Mobile App gave us the ability to interact with our students on their level. Our ability to provide real-time data, notifications and assessments to our students saw a huge increase in engagement not just within their course, but with their instructor also.

I have experienced both Moodle and Canvas whilst studying with you. I personally prefer Canvas which I have found to be easy super user-friendly. It allows work to be completed on the move and it is easy to keep up to date with the messages, grades, and progress via the mobile application. - Student of the RTO.

The interactive and clean user-interface made for easy adoption and accessibility with very little support required from our admin/ training team. The students weren't the only ones who benefited from the application. Our instructors love the ability to communicate with students through 'Inbox', as well as view their 'To-Do' Lists for marking. Talk about an increase in productivity!

Whilst the application has achieved so much, we look forward to seeing how Canvas continues to respond to the 'Feature Ideas' provided by the greater Canvas Community.

We are excited to be able to continually take steps to meet our students needs, and give them the tools they need to succeed! After all, that is our ultimate goal as a quality training provider.