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Community Contributor beta testing

Me: Educational Technologist recently invited to the LTI for Canvas beta testing.

You: Also using the beta, or curious about H5P & Canvas integration.

I'm looking for mobile-friendly assignments, design ideas and more. Let's connect!

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Community Champion

Hey cgaudreau

Not using mobile devices but also taking part in the beta testing‌ trial.

Big fan of H5P with H5P - Free Interactive Content Creation with HTML5

Happy to share some ideas if you want

Awesome. I'm so jazzed to test things out.

For starters: Are you interested in H5P as assignments, content pages, or both?

All options:

Assignments, content pages and links

Great. I ask, mainly because I am working with their team to get content pages added back to the LTI placement. Adding them to course homepages or overviews (in the forms of Hotspots or Accordions) would not only be great, but if the Course Copying works as it is designed to, could make Instructional Designer-type work more accessible for faculty.

I am also excited about the possibility of faculty seeing how much work goes into creating more engaging activities and either get amped about doing it on their own, or give credit where it is due Smiley Happy

Can you tell me more about the Links? Must have missed reading about that part.

Links are not really that wizzy. Just copying the link to the H5P quiz and placing it in a Module or on a webpage.

I am interested in the idea of content pages added to an LTI. Do you mean having a processing that makes it easier than copying the <iframe> code? 

For the content pages, I am interested in moving away from some of the more traditional homepages and content pages that our faculty use. For instance, a homepage with an interactive roadmap using an infographic with hotspots or using the timeline to display weekly course objectives.

Trying to breathe new life into content engagement, especially on mobile.

I like the timeline idea and those suggestions!

My favorite was doing a Personality Quiz for a interactive ethics presentation. I so enjoy this platform.

I wondered about using this tool as a sort of IT/EdTech skills checker?

 @GideonWilliams ‌, if you would like, I can share the updated XML to add the LTI to your content pages. Let me know, and I'll send it along to you via email or DM.

Yes please Chris. If you can manage a line or two of instructions then this would be very helpful indeed! 


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On the way!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

This is quite interesting. How does it work? Is it an iframe the is dropped into a content page? I'm curious how it works on the Canvas Student app as well.  So many questions! ( : I'd love to see some screenshots. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

I followed this project a while back, but somehow forgot about it. It's pretty awesome, so thanks for bringing it back up. It adds some really great functionality to the mobile apps too! Looking forward to LTI support.


Community Contributor

 @rseilham ‌, getting to H5P is one more tap than I would like in the Student app (maybe  @peytoncraighill ‌ could chime in here), but here are some screenshots of the beta LTI in action:

H5P LTI External Tool within the Canvas Student iPad application

H5P LTI interface within the Canvas Student iPad application

I had already submitted the assignment, which is why the score is there. But...the score is there from the passthrough from H5P right to the Gradebook. It's really great. The big concern, for my institution, will be price and ROI of adoption.

Also, totally unrelated, the question in your first screenshot reminded me of Not Hotdog and gave me a chuckle first thing on a busy Wednesday morning.

I did put an idea for a Canvas supported integration a whole back‌ - I agree that costing is going to be an issue. Already spending a considerable amount each year on Canvas and will be difficult to ask for more money for additional tools (no matter how mazing they are)

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 @GideonWilliams ‌, 

I definitely agree that one less tap and better integration with the Canvas mobile apps would be ideal. Currently when it's tied to an assignment, this is how LTI functionality works for every LTI. I hope in the future that LTI functionality with assignments is altered for all LTI assignments. I know there are plans to rework the assignments workflow on Canvas Student, which goes back to 2012 and is the weakest point of the Student app.

I also love my unintentional mention to Silicon Valley! Not HotDog is awesome! Thanks for the laugh. 

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Community Participant

Good afternoon,  I'm not in the beta for the LTI but am interested n this functionality.  Can anyone explain what is happening from a data perspective with this software?  We have very strict privacy rules (data cannot be stored outside of Canada)... so I'm trying to figure out what data are generated and where it is stored...

Michelle Lamberson

UBC Okanagan

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Hi Michelle

I suggest you drop the H5P designer, Svein-Tore Griff, an email. If you are a member of the H5P community he can be contacted through there. He replies pretty quickly.

Some more stuff on GDPR compliance here - New Release: A new content type, GDPR improvements and more | H5P .

Community Champion

This definitely sounds interesting.  I've been using H5P for embedded interactive items on Pages for a while, and I love even that limited use.  An LTI sounds potentially even better.

Community Contributor

 @tbunag ‌, I think they are still accepting early access requests at Not sure of the time frame for turnaround at this point, though.

The H5P team is super-responsive, and would bet the finished product is going to be incredibly polished and the pass-through to the Gradebook is just superb.

What types of interactive items are you using?

Community Contributor

Just got an email stating that the beta is over and is moving into production!

Tobias Funke, in a cardigan, pronouncing his excitement.

Nice! Keep everyone up to date once it rolls out. 

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Community Contributor

My institution is now officially offering H5P as an LTI option for faculty. I showed a Psychology instructor how to make the most of interactive videos yesterday, and she was sold.

Now, the real work begins in figuring out workflows, faculty investment, and roll out.

(My team in the foreground, me behind them)

Staring into the distance, with someone smiling in the background.

What about costs Chris?

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 @GideonWilliams , the pricing is ridiculously cheap and fair. Without posting our direct pricing model, here is the communication that H5P provided me with when inquiring about cost: license
Pricing is based on the number of authors. It includes the LTI integration and stores grades in the LMS gradebook. It does not include analytics. Examples:
  1. 25 authors, 149 USD per month or 1 490 USD per year
  2. 1 000 authors, 2 490 USD per month or 24 900 USD per year
Authors are created automatically the first time they access and are archived automatically if they have been inactive for 3 months. Analytics license
Pricing is based on the number of learners. It allows authors to see what their learners answered, all their attempts, time used and also allow authors to use question types that require manual grading like the upcoming free text question in Interactive Video. In upcoming versions it will include a lot more detail like which parts of a video the learner watched. Price examples:
  1. 1 250 learners, 69 USD per month or 690 USD per year
  2. 50 000 learners, 1 249 USD per month or 12 490 USD per year
Learners are created automatically the first time they access and are archived automatically if they have been inactive for 3 months. "free use" license
Pricing is based on the size of the organization. Every organization member, also students, may author and it also includes analytics for everyone. Price examples:
  1. 1 000 accounts is 279 USD per month or 2 790 USD per year
  2. 50 000 accounts is 7 490 USD per month or 74 900 USD per year

Many thanks. Agree that they are very competitive indeed

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Community Champion

Sorry to be a Debby-Downer, but I just installed H5P into Canvas test and guess what's missing....

Closed Captions for videos

You can create a .vtt (and .srt) file, but that's a transcript, not Closed Captions. Doesn't meet WCAG 2.0 AA standards which syncs text to video. That's a show-stopper for us. Absolute must. I checked the forums and there is no current support. You can create Open Captions using something like Camtasia, but that will require a lot of typing and importing the .srt file prior to uploading to H5P. There is nothing like an automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine or editable captions that I can find. Still testing the other components, but I'm pessimistic how it works with JAWS and other screen readers..

Be careful if you use it. Faculty need to understand the limitations.

Community Contributor


I agree: Captions in videos are a must for us, and we are working diligently to promote to faculty the importance of captions in videos. Right now, we are suggesting that they write a transcript in Google Docs, record their video and upload it to YouTube, then use the caption editor to make their changes. We also have Screencast-O-Matic as a campus option. At that point, we will work to add the videos to H5P.

We are using the Content Type Accessibility | H5P  guide to make sure we stay within the guidelines on all content types, not just interactive videos. Of course, with the fall semester shaping up the way it has, H5P has taken a backseat...hope to get back to it soon.

Always good to keep each other in check, though. Thank you for your message.

Community Champion

I'm having difficulty understanding the advantages of it. Panopto and Kaltura (both products we support) can create interactive quizzes. Plus, they support ASR and editable captions, and are mobile friendly. I see a few things in H5P that look intriguing, but not enough to sway me yet....especially with so many content items that don't support WCAG. Interesting product, but didn't convince me.

H5P does of course have built in support for closed captions for videos, look at this normal video example with captions, and this interactive video example with captions.

H5P has had support for closed captions for a long time. That you didn't find it Rob suggests that we need to look into that part of our authoring tool to see if we can make it more clear. The problem might be that vtt(the format we use) is not as well known as the older formats(srt), but vtt is the most common HTML5 format. It may be used for captions among other things. You can probably use it for transcripts as well.

H5P is an open source community driven project. Most of the H5P Core Team's content types don't have any known accessibility problems. Other content types do. There are no know accessibility problems on, content types with known accessibility problems are disabled by default. The administrators of each organization may decide to go in an enable those that are not accessible. Speak the Words with voice recognition for instance is often used even if it isn't accessible on its own. If you can't speak you can't use it, but authors provide alternative resources to those who can't speak if it makes sense. An overview of the content types is provided for admins on

Panopto and Kaltura are potential integrations / partners for Not competitors. H5P is trying to change the world so that you can grab any interactive content, put it on your own site, edit it and publish your version to your users. We want authors to create from something instead of starting from scratch every time. Just click on the little download button at the bottom left of any of the H5P example content and upload it to your own H5P site to see how it works. We'll be integrating a global hub with all the existing H5P sites. There are over 30000 H5P enabled sites in the world that will be connected together forming what might be the largest interactive content collaboration project ever.

H5P also happens to be the preferred authoring tool for interactive content for many organizations, also organizations with unlimited budgets. The reason is simply that the H5P community is awesome.


Svein-Tore Griff With (aka Falcon)
H5P Founder

New Member

I actually just found today and already had 3 questions:

1. the audio recorder task can't be embedded in Canvas. The error message says: "Access to microphone is not allowed in your browser since this page is not served using HTTPS..." Will solve this issue?

2. Does have the feature where we can use image, audio, video other than text as the prompt for speaking tasks?

3. Does support Chinese character and enable Chinese handwriting exercises? That will be a perfect candidate for a smartphone learning activity.

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Community Contributor

 @jingyu_huo ‌, I recommend you reach out to H5P directly for answers to your questions. I am far from qualified to address them.

The handwriting exercises for mobile learning sounds like a great way to meet students where they already are.

Thank you very much! I'll try to contact them directly.

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Community Participant

Just following up on this conversation. We are piloting and making recommendations about which "interactives" to use in which situations. For deeper learning I really like both the Interactive Video and the Branching Scenarios. I have built same template style Branching Scenarios that learning designers and teachers/academics can re-use or customise for their own subject area. The Branching Scenarios are quite fun to build but many may find it a little complex so building templates or exemplars should help make it easier for thos less technically minded.

Would be great to see these Kym. Do think branching scenarios have huge potential but agree that they can be a bit foreboding when first starting off.

Have you seen this?

Community Champion

I use an awful lot of drag and drop quizzes in my work. I also design them for other staff often converting them from static worksheets.

In doing so, here are 7 top tips!

1. Go to Behavioural Settings and change the Background Opacity at the very start - I set mine to 0% as I am dragging in text labels

2. Make Drop Zone highlighting visible only when dragging as it means there is less clutter and more blank space when opening the quiz

3. Make one drop zone then use the Copy and Paste function to copy the others - it means you have the same drop zone size throughout (big time saver)

4. Use the Snipping tool to copy any images into Word. Create your template in Word and use the Snipping Tool to make an image from that

5. Always make sure that the image size you import is as close to the actual image you made in Word

6. Leave space in your image template for the labels - add in a title first (used to forget this all the time!)

7. Landscape quizzes often work better than portrait ones

Example of my template in Word - added to, in H5P

The template contains:

  • Border for image
  • Border for missing labels
  • Title of Drag and drop
  • Instructions for both
  • The image being used for the drag and drop
  • (And, in this case, the label arrows from the diagram)


That's awesome. Certainly some ideas in there I can siphon off for future project builds Smiley Happy


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