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Community Participant beta testing

Me: Educational Technologist recently invited to the LTI for Canvas beta testing.

You: Also using the beta, or curious about H5P & Canvas integration.

I'm looking for mobile-friendly assignments, design ideas and more. Let's connect!

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Community Champion

Hey cgaudreau

Not using mobile devices but also taking part in the beta testing‌ trial.

Big fan of H5P with H5P - Free Interactive Content Creation with HTML5

Happy to share some ideas if you want

Awesome. I'm so jazzed to test things out.

For starters: Are you interested in H5P as assignments, content pages, or both?

All options:

Assignments, content pages and links

Great. I ask, mainly because I am working with their team to get content pages added back to the LTI placement. Adding them to course homepages or overviews (in the forms of Hotspots or Accordions) would not only be great, but if the Course Copying works as it is designed to, could make Instructional Designer-type work more accessible for faculty.

I am also excited about the possibility of faculty seeing how much work goes into creating more engaging activities and either get amped about doing it on their own, or give credit where it is due Smiley Happy

Can you tell me more about the Links? Must have missed reading about that part.

Community Coach
Community Coach

This is quite interesting. How does it work? Is it an iframe the is dropped into a content page? I'm curious how it works on the Canvas Student app as well.  So many questions! ( : I'd love to see some screenshots. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

I followed this project a while back, but somehow forgot about it. It's pretty awesome, so thanks for bringing it back up. It adds some really great functionality to the mobile apps too! Looking forward to LTI support.


Community Participant

 @rseilham ‌, getting to H5P is one more tap than I would like in the Student app (maybe  @peytoncraighill ‌ could chime in here), but here are some screenshots of the beta LTI in action:

H5P LTI External Tool within the Canvas Student iPad application

H5P LTI interface within the Canvas Student iPad application

I had already submitted the assignment, which is why the score is there. But...the score is there from the passthrough from H5P right to the Gradebook. It's really great. The big concern, for my institution, will be price and ROI of adoption.

Also, totally unrelated, the question in your first screenshot reminded me of Not Hotdog and gave me a chuckle first thing on a busy Wednesday morning.

I did put an idea for a Canvas supported integration a whole back‌ - I agree that costing is going to be an issue. Already spending a considerable amount each year on Canvas and will be difficult to ask for more money for additional tools (no matter how mazing they are)

Links are not really that wizzy. Just copying the link to the H5P quiz and placing it in a Module or on a webpage.

I am interested in the idea of content pages added to an LTI. Do you mean having a processing that makes it easier than copying the <iframe> code?