How can I allow 3rd party cookies in iOS Canvas app

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Out institution has adopted for our streaming videos, however inside the Canvas app on my iPad & iPhone, I constantly am receiving the  following message:


I have gone into settings for Safari and changed from "Always from sites I visit" to "Always allow" and I still am getting tis message. Any thoughts on how to allow‌ videos to play inside the app?

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

 @caldwell ‌,  @jeffh ‌,

How are you embedding the LTI tool? Are you pasting in links directly or are you using the editor's toolbar to embed the LTI tool?

Pasting links will not always work on iOS because of cookies. However, if you embed using the editor's embed button in the toolbar we will replace the LTI with a "Launch External Tool" button that when tapped will open a Safari window which handles cookies in most cases. When you paste links we can't detect that the link is an LTI tool so it won't be replaced with the button.


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