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Community Coach
Community Coach

InstructureCon 2015 Review

Hello everyone!

First off, welcome to the new members and it was nice meeting quite a few of you during the conference. I really love sharing ideas and discussing the possibilities with mobile applications related to Canvas and online learning.

I want to share a quick review of what's new, and what's the come...


  • Native Quizzes - App is in review (3.9)
  • Calendar - App is in review (3.9)
  • Sent messages tab
  • Apple Watch app - Probably in 3.11
    • To-do items
    • Calendar
  • Persistence - Probably in 3.11
    • The app will download module information the first time it is accessed.  From that point on, the module will load immediately and backload any new information. I saw it live, it was instant and made the app faster
  • Groups - Probably in 3.11
    • Groups will now get their own section in the app instead of being put under Favorite Courses
  • Dashboard - No release date
    • A quick glance at what is overdue, due, and is due soon. This will be similar to what you might have seen in the new Canvas UI

Android - Coming soon

  • Native Quizzes
  • Bookmarks
    • Student can bookmark most assignments and content for easy access
  • Bookmark Widget
    • Users can bookmark assignments and content in the course and access it quickly through a widget
  • Messages redesign
  • Android Wear app
  • Discussion Liking
  • Color Syncing


  • Continued work on better annotations

What coming - No timetable

  • Discussion Liking - iOS
  • iOS Redesign
  • Messages redesign for iOS
  • Color Syncing iOS
  • Assignments redesign for iOS
  • Discussion redesign for iOS

New App

  • Teacher Tools
    • A set of hack day apps that could become part of the main apps with enough interest
      • Hot Seat
      • Guess Who
      • Student Notes

Anything else?

  • New responsive UI for Canvas Web will make for a better mobile experience
    • This is particular for tablets, not smartphones at this point
  • Will the new UI have any affect on the mobile apps?
    • Outside of the Dashboard, probably not.
  • I was able to work with iOS developer Deactivated user​ to create the ability to publish and unpublish modules on iOS. A screenshot is here.

Let me know what are you favorite features and if I missed anything.

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As a side note/addendum, the calendar and native quizzes release (v3.9) just went live on the App Store. Go forth and download!