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Issue with LTI Video Tools and Pages in Canvas Student App

So is there going to be a solution to how embedded LTI tools act in the mobile app?  Specifically LTI video tools embedded into a Canvas page require the end user to click a button called "Launch External Tool."  Once you click that, the video (Kaltura, Canvas Studio) only plays in portrait mode.

This really interrupts the experience.  It doesn't happen in Safari on Mobile.  Any thoughts?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Michael Mace‌, 

Unfortunately, I don't know of a fix, nor have I heard of one since LTIs all work differently on mobile. The only possible workaround I can think of at the moment is not to embed the video but link to it directly. You can also Report an Issue directly in the Canvas Student app under the help section: How do I get help with the Student app on my iOS device? 

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You can get around this by manually embedding the video. From the video in your Kaltura Account, click on the 'Share' tab, choose the 'Imbed' option, select size & other attributes & copy the code. In your Canvas page, switch to the html editor and paste the code. This option is OK for playing the video but chapters aren't accessible and I don't think it works for Kaltura quizzes.