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LTI tools functioning in mobile app

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Do mobile apps for students utilize LTI tools that are applied to a school's instance?

If we have added LTI tools, like ReadSpeaker to our Canvas instances, do those tools carryover to the Mobile App experience? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @jeremy_woodward ‌, 

TL;DR: Test each LTI out on the Canvas Student app. 

This is a good question and one that doesn't have a direct answer. All I can say is "it depends" for LTIs. The majority of web-based LTIs, especially ones that link from the course menu will work just fine. Look at Chat, for example, this is an LTI. If you are using LTIs that connect directly to assignments, this can work, but also be problematic as well. Some of it is how the Canvas App handles LTIs, but most of it is how the vendor displays the content on a mobile device. Let me know if this makes sense. Thanks!