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Learning Mastery Gradebook and MagicMarker

I am an Admin and I don't have any active classes.  Does anyone know how I can effectively test Learning Mastery Gradebook and MagicMarker?  We have a new Learning and Grading Plan in our district and I feel that this could be most beneficial to our teachers and their students.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Jim Wolf: Unfortunately there is no way to test this without a course and students. The course doesn't have to be active, it could be a published development course that you (since your are an admin) can create. The students also don't have to be actual students. You can create fake students to test with. We don't use it at our school since this is mostly a K12 product, but in our testing, this is how we did it. I'll also ping our K12 mobile expert  @klundstrum ‌ to see if she has any suggestions. Thanks!