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Community Team
Community Team

Mobile Ideas Closing December 7


It's hard to believe that this will be the last set of features to close before the end of 2016. This year, Canvas Mobile has seen a lot of updates, and our ongoing collaboration is exciting as we consider how the Canvas mobile apps will impact our teaching, communicating, and learning in the future.

This month, there are a lot of Canvas Feature Ideas​ that need some votes. Take some time before to look at each of the ideas and consider how it would impact your institution. Add comments, use-cases, anything that would help explain the need for a particular idea. If I forgot any, please help other friendly Canvas Mobile Users​ by adding a reply to this discussion.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

I scratch my head seeing that some items get down votes. Some ideas, yes, but if they add meaningful functionality that brings parity with the web, why? :smileyconfused:

Some great ideas in this batch, vote, vote, vote!

 @rseilham ​, I'm 99% certain that 95% of the downvotes are due to the dreaded Jive bug described in the announcement here: Canvas Feature Ideas

Dear Canvas Community,

We are sorry to report that there is currently a known bug with feature idea voting in the community.  A small percentage of the time, when someone tries to vote an idea up, their vote is recorded as a down-vote.  In most cases the work around is simple - just clicking “Up” a second time to change the vote from Down to Up.  If you encounter a situation where you mean to vote Up but it is recorded as a down vote and you cannot change it back to Up, please contact Canvas support to report which idea you are voting on, and what web browser and operating system you have.  We apologize for this inconvenience and are working hard to fix the problem.

Community Champion

I can't thank you enough,  @KristinL ​, for doing this every month. It reminds me to vote on those items I'd been following, and in some cases (like a few closing in December), you gave me some additional areas to vote on I hadn't seen. Plus, I really feel like it continues to connect our Mobile Community together!

I'm so glad to hear that these posts are helpful! Rather than everyone sorting ideas independently (it takes a bit of time...), I wanted to simplify the process and place emphasis the collaboration and discussion. We're all in this together. Smiley Happy

Good to know!

 @KristinL ​ - I can't thank you enough for taking this task from me and keeping it up monthly. It's so very helpful. ( :

Community Team
Community Team

Hi CMUG !  Due to the super-exciting news shared in Changes Coming to Canvas Community Feature Ideas,​ this list that I created for items closing December 7th will be the last of its kind. Watch our group space for updates once the new Feature Idea process has been announced.

Smiley Sad

Happy for changes to the feature ideas...sad that I go without your friendly reminders for a season.

We are working to overhaul this group, so we'll still be discussing ideas in the future, but need to figure out the direction of the community first. Stay tuned!