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Community Team

In Mobile Series: Canvas Mobile Minions​, I started a discussion asking about professional development. It seems fitting that start a thread here with a larger audience!

Finding ways to increase engagement in professional development is challenging. (As a teacher myself, I understand how attending a professional development session can become a task that easily floats to the bottom of an ever-growing To Do List.) So my question is, do you think a switch from face-to-face, blended, or online professional development to a mobile format would encourage participation?  ...or is it based on the organization of the school and culture where we teach?

My ultimate goal is to shift the thinking in my building from this: "professional learning is something that we have to do"

to this: "professional learning is something that we get to do."

The focus of my master's thesis project was on developing professional development for K-12 teachers who work in a 1:1 setting. I looked at many factors, but I still wonder about engagement. Amazing things happen when people collaborate and learn together, but how can we ignite intrinsic motivation?

Perhaps creating mobile options is a step in the right direction. Not only would teachers become students in the same environment they teach in every day (what a new perspective there!), information and activities can be self-paced and "chunked" so learning is more convenient.