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Mobile for everything?

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I like the whole mobile ability of Canvas. Especially as an admin now that we can act as a user in the app. It provides many helpful ways for students to learn especially on the go. Being able to review assignments, watch lectures any time they want, check their grades and course progress. Keeping them engaged while on a mobile device can be tough especially when there are many distractions like Facebook, twitter, cat videos, etc. Hopefully that canvas icon will pop out at them and encourage them to keep at it. 
There are limitations of mobile devices though. I would hate to try to write a paper on a small screen. Or look at my course on a small screen. 

what limitation have you found in mobile devices that steer students away from using their mobile device or what do students want to do on their mobile device that they can't? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Thanks for starting what I hope becomes a great discussion!

I teach at a school with 1:1 iPads. During most of their day, students access all of their courses via Canvas Student. While we try to design with that in mind, we know it's not a perfect experience for all class activities. ...and that's not the fault of Canvas Student, but rather having a small screen and not having a regular-sized keyboard.

If we're talking specifically Canvas-related things, my students would rather not complete peer reviews on their mobile devices. Even with the larger screen of the iPad, they dislike the process! They also dislike the clicks involved getting to Scheduler. (But I understand that this is not the place to discuss those...)

In my classes, there is a notable amount of research that takes place. I routinely ask students to look for examples or inspiration that they can use as they create their own artwork. I also have assignments during which they compare and contrast artwork. This is really hard to set up on a mobile device! I do my best with slideshows, links, Padlet, FlipGrid, LTI tools, etc, etc, but if you want to be able to see multiple images on a screen and possibly write about it, we run out of real estate quickly. Smiley Wink 

Phones are another story altogether. Most of my students use Canvas Student on their phone to keep up with announcements, inbox, and their to-do lists. The notifications they receive act more like reminders or nudges to get them back onto a larger screen to get the "real" work done. Regardless, Canvas on any screen size helps keep students organized and engaged with the content. It's a puzzle sometimes though to coach students as they figure out what format works best in which situation.