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Community Coach
Community Coach

Publish and Unpublish Module Items


Teachers should be able to publish and unpublish module content from the main Canvas app.

Describe your mobile idea.

I would like to see a publish and unpublish option in the module view on the mobile app. This could be similar to the cloud icon that's already present on the web.

How will this mobile idea benefit Canvas users?

Teachers will have more control of their courses while on the go.

Share a use case.

A teacher notices and issue with their module content. Instead of having to struggle with the mobile web, or find a computer, it would be nice to quickly tap a button to unpublish content until they can fix it at a later date.

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Community Champion

Interesting idea,  @rseilham ​. Do you have some thoughts to where this functionality would exist in the UI? Would this be similar to the green checkmark we see in the modules in the web interface? And would this be available on each content item, as well (for those teachers who don't leverage modules, for instance)?

Community Team
Community Team

I like this idea! Like Biray mentioned, it would be awesome if this functionality to publish/unpublished wasn't unique to modules. It would be really helpful for individual items to be published/unpublished, no matter where they are in Canvas.

I was definitely thinking it would be for items beyond modules, but was only thinking about the modules interface. It would be great if it could be added to other sections outside of modules. As for submitting ideas, would this be a different idea for publish/unpublish modules, pages, assignments, etc? Or just one idea?

Hi  @rseilham ​

Thank you for the question.  Yes, you would want to submit these as separate ideas.  Mobile is one engineering unit, however they work with the web teams to ensure consistency.  Modules, pages, assignments, quizzes, etc. are handled by about 3 different teams!

Side note:  I really like the format you are using to frame the discussions around these ideas.  We're hoping that in the future we will be able to create an idea template that has designations for the important idea information you have identified!  Nicely done!

Thanks. I definitely had help from  @biray ​ and  @KristinL ​ ( :

Community Coach
Community Coach