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Secure Testing Software for iOS

For the past several years, our school district has used Respondus Lockdown Browser as our secure testing software with Canvas. The students using Lockdown Browser have had MacBook Airs. This coming year we are changing to iPad. Has anyone used Lockdown Browser for iOS with success? We are running into the issue with having to enable Guided Access. This is just not going to work for us.

Does anyone know of other alternatives to Lockdown Browser that allows teachers to lock students into a test that easily works for iOS?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

This is interesting. I have not used Lockdown Browser on iOS, but I'm not surprised that guided access is part fo the process. 

I was reading through the following and it seems that you are doing everything correctly at this point:

Can an iPad be used with LockDown Browser? (instructions for faculty) - Powered by Kayako Help Desk ... 

If you have to set guided access, you might as well use the Canvas for iOS app and save your money. Most of the question types are supported at this point. 

The Canvas app natively supports quizzes that contain Essay, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, Fill in the Blank, Matching, Numeric, or True/False questions. Any quizzes that do not contain supported question types are redirected to the web version of Canvas. Additionally, currently the app does not support one-question-at-a-time quizzes, quizzes with passcode restrictions, or quizzes with IP address restrictions.

As for alternatives, I'm not sure of any, but to lock students into an iOS app would be difficult to do without Guided Access because of how apps are sandboxed in iOS. 

I'll keep looking around, but let me know if you get a solution. 


One other alternative, is using an MDM. When taking a quiz, the mobile app supports ASAM mode. What this basically does is lock down the app from exiting, until the quiz has been completed. In order for this to work though, the device must be managed by an MDM.

Thanks Ben, this is good information. In case anyone wants more information about ASAM, check this out from Apple: Set up your iPad to give tests and assessments - Apple Support