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Share the great things your K12 teachers are doing w iPads

Hi:  I'm the System Admin and Trainer in my K12 district -- its our first year in Canvas -- and the most challenging thing has been supporting our elementary and middle school teachers, whose students have iPads.    Many of the "cool" things they are trying to do either don't work or are very clunky.


  • integration with Google docs finally was working as long as they were on Safari, but now it's stopped since the last iOS update.
  • We thought because they were on iPads that record audio/video would be easy for students to do directly on the Canvas App and submit.  Not completely.   If there is a Quiz with File Upload questions, students can record, but teachers have to download the audio file if grading on the computer -- and if grading on the Teacher App, they can expand the audio file, but then lose their place in speedgrader and have to re-enter
  • Recording video responses in Discussions is now gone since the App update.
  • Students can create multimedia projects, but teachers have to download each to view and comment, and then re-upload to the assignment.   Time consuming since they don't display on the screen.
  • Math teachers who want students to "show their work" can upload PDFs and students can use their fingers to annotate, but this is limited to Assignments -- it would be cool if students could answer Quiz questions by showing their work.

I know we might be pushing the limits, but I'm desperate for some cool nuggets/ideas I can share with the elementary and middle school teachers who are limited to iPads.  I'm sure someone out there has something really neat to share!    Thanks in advance!!

EDIT 5/21:  Canvas has fixed the Google integration when using the iPads/Safari.   And it seems video responses is working again on Discussions when using the Student App.  Yay!!

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Hi  @Hildi_Pardo ‌,

While I work in a higher education institution, one of the cooler things we have done with Canvas for iOS has been integrate H5P into some courses, most notably during our Welcome Week for new first-year and transfer students.

Here are some screenshots, and I am happy to share more:

Interactive timeline

Interactive H5P timeline in the Canvas iOS app

Interactive BuzzFeed-style personality quiz


Community Coach
Community Coach

This is a great post. I'm all HE, but love how amazing and creative K12 can be with iPads. I've tried to bring more attention to this post so I can read all the neat ideas. Thanks!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @Hildi_Pardo -

Two of the things that I build into my courses are Padlet and FlipGrid.

With Padlet, I can embed the board onto a page, assignment, etc, or I can use the Redirect Tool to add it to the left-hand navigation. I use Padlet in many different ways during the semester! I use it as a gallery space, brainstorming wall, or even a task list. Students enjoy being able to share type, videos, images, audio, etc. It's a really flexible tool, and it works well with iPads, without having to install anything extra.

FlipGrid is a great way to get video discussions. After creating an assignment, I choose "use external tool" as the submission type, and then Canvas seamlessly connects to FlipGrid. I love being able to set the parameters of the videos students create, and the students like being able to comment or leave emoji-style feedback on their classmates' contributions.

That's cool!  Is this mostly used by the teacher for presentation of information?  Or for student production/creation?

Hi  @klundstrum !  

Oh yes!  We love Padlet, too (and anything that has embed code:  Quizlet, Vimeo....and yes, Padlet!  (YouTube unfortunately is blocked for our younger students, but I love how in YouTube you can "uncheck" the option to show recommended videos when the video ends.)

We just started playing around with integrating the free version of FlipGrid -- the integration is really nice!  (for now we are on the free version which is limited -- students can't respond to each other; teacher can't respond either, but SpeedGrader still works for video and audio feedback).  Even the free version is a nice add-on!

Thank you for sharing this! 🙂

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Both, in a sense: It is designed via collaboration between faculty and educational technology staff, for student self-paced exploration (timeline) and staff/student interaction (How Ethical Are You?)