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Community Contributor

SpeedGrader app for Mobile?

Any chance we could get an update on the SpeedGrader app for mobile?  Coming soon?  Beta testers needed?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hey  @franke 

The new SpeedGrader for iPad was released last week:

SpeedGrader Release Notes (iOS 2.0)

The app has been re-created from the ground up. It's a big update.

As for Android (Phones and Tablets), this was released earlier this year. Here's the latest update:

SpeedGrader Release Notes (Android 1.1)

Community Contributor

Thanks  @rseilham ​ but I was referring to the Speedgrader app for mobile users, since (and correct me if I'm wrong) the current iOS SpeedGrader app is only for iPad right?  I have a lot of faculty who want the ability to use the SpeedGrader on their iOS mobile devices, and I wanted to see if it's in the works or if it's not close at all?

 @franke ,

Thanks for the clarification. SpeedGrader currently only works on the iPad (as you mentioned) for iOS. Instructure does have SpeedGrader for iPhone on their list of things to do, but there is currently no timetable for release. They know there is a demand, but nothing to report as of now.