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Teacher App: Audio Comments

Hi everyone,

Apologies if this has already been mentioned and I haven't managed to find it. Still navigating my way around all the different hidey-holes that this community has!

We've had a few of our courses go live in the move to Canvas and some are even at the point of marking. In the excitement of it all, we've had the release of the Teacher App. 

Do you know if it is currently on the radar for the function of audio comments/feedback on the teacher app for assessment? If not, where I could mark this up for voting? We love the ability to do this on desktop, but obviously, our VE sector do a lot of "on the job" types of marking as well. It would be ideal if teachers could quickly provide audio feedback via the app as well!

I hope we're not dreaming too big here!

canvasfeature_new‌ #teacherapp #higher educaton

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Kim,

I have to admit right off the bat to not being too familiar with the teacher app as of yet.  I believe in the SpeedGrader app it was common practice for teacher to record feedback on their mobile device and then upload file attachments.  Is that also possible in the teacher app?

Based on a cursory search here in the community I did not uncover an existing feature idea submission that would add media comment capability to the teacher app as a native function so you might want to consider creating a new one if this is something your teachers are interested in.

Hope this helps!  



Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @kim_flowers ‌, 

This feature currently doesn't exist in the Teacher App for iOS or Android. This is on the roadmap to be added since it will put it in parity with the web and previous SpeedGrader app. I'm not sure of timeline, and of course things change, so I would suggest you create an idea to build some awareness on this feature. 

Thank you  @scottdennis  and  @rseilham  for your replies. I shall saunter off to create an idea now! 


Yup, this is a highly requested feature, one that lots of folks love. It will be coming for sure, hopefully sooner than later. Keep an eye out for the update!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Canvas Teacher 1.1 is out and this feature is included. 

Canvas Teacher Release Notes (iOS 1.1)