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Teacher Rubric Enhancements


Changes to the Teacher app to make rubrics work more consistently

Describe your mobile idea.

  1. Load dashboard and to-do lists faster. (I sometimes get a notification that there's something to grade in to-do and it takes minutes for the item itself to show up)
  2. On the rubrics, arrange grade categories from highest (left) to lowest (right), to match the Canvas desktop experience
  3. Have option to expand all descriptions at once - e.g., to change from the "dots with point values" view into "rows with full criteria descriptions." This would be a mobile-friendly view of a grid-based rubric, essentially listing each rating column vertically, perhaps like this:
    Criteria 1
    Excellent - All items complete; extra polish; sprinkles on top5
    Satisfactory - All items complete3
    Unsatisfactory - Incomplete1

How will this mobile idea benefit Canvas users?

In our school, rubrics are mostly used to assess student performance on clinical tasks - observational assessments, not assessments of submitted works. We have many faculty grading each assignment, so there is a strong need for them to see the rating descriptions (which will hopefully improve inter-rater reliability). They may also need to move back and forth between browser- and app-based grading. So it's very important that the two formats mirror each other as much as possible. 

Share a use case.

Student A has completed her clinical case. Grader Q pulls out her phone, opens the Canvas Teacher app, and IMMEDIATELY (not after 10 seconds) sees her list of courses. She navigates to the correct course/assignment/student and swipes up to see the grading rubric. She taps the "Expand all" button and now sees the rubric as a modified grid, with all descriptions written out in full. The "top level" rating is listed at the top or left of each list, just like on the browser-based view. She taps each criteria she wants to select, then clicks "Done."


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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @emily ‌, 

Thanks for the idea! Or should I say, ideas! I some feedback. 

Item #1: I don't necessarily have this issue, but I don't have a ton of items to grade, so maybe it's a scale issue. This is definitely something that should be reported to Canvas Support. 

Item 2: I agree, anywhere you can be consistent with the web, I'd love to see it. 

Item 3: I think this is purely a design decision. I would bet the "long press" to view rubric descriptions was made purely to have the information fit on a smartphone - a tablet would be fine. I'm not sure I'd change the current design completely, so I would like to see the ability for teachers to expand all the descriptions instead of relying on a long press. I'm totally for this! 

One more thought. I think items 2 and 3 should be their own ideas since they do have different functions. As for item 1, this is a potential app performance issue and should be reported rather than added as an idea. 

Community Participant

 @emily ‌ - By chance have you submitted this idea officially to Canvas Studio‌, if so, please share the link! Mobile on!!