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Things I learned from being a 'student' in a Canvas mobile class.

We had about 22 participants in the Attack of the Canvas Mobile Minions!​ Canvas course last week. The course was facilitated 100% via Canvas mobile (by  @rseilham  and  @biray ), with the goal being for teachers and course designers to experience a mobile delivery from a student's perspective. We had a lot of participation and interaction --- and fun (since the course was set to a Halloween-Minion theme).

We've invited the participants to reflect and share their experiences with the rest of the Canvas (mobile) community.

(NOTE: If you've ever taken a mobile class in Canvas or have experienced a mobile course in 'student view', we encourage you to share your thoughts below, as well).

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 @biray ​ and  @rseilham ​: Thank you for all your hard work to make this class possible - and you made it fun! Having the student experience is always valuable. I hope there will be more classes like this in the future. Thanks again!

Thanks d21585h​! We'll definitely do this again. It was an "educational" experience for everyone involved.

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Thanks to d21585h​, I learned about using Siri to dictate forum text and/or replies.   I don't think I ever would have thought of that!  That alone was worth the price of the course. :smileygrin:

It was helpful to know that web links cannot be created in the mobile app and have to be done via the web browser.

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A couple of the many takeaways for me:

1. Flash does not display, but YouTube videos, images, embedded Google docs and animated Gifs are viewable on mobile.

2. Quizzes can be taken using the app, but not all question types are supported. So, if we want students to take a quiz on a mobile device we should use:

  • Multiple choice
  • True/False
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Multiple Answers
  • Essay question
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I know this is terribly belated, but I thought I'd add one additional thing I learned:

Don't name Modules with Roman numerals. (Example Module I, Module II, Module III, Module IV, Module V, etc.) This isn't strictly a mobile issue. But I found that on an iOS mobile device, if I use VoiceOver to read the screen content to me, it read some Roman numerals correctly but pronounced others as the letter. I think it read III as "three", but read V as "vee" instead of "five." Overall that was confusing.

I doubt anyone really would do that. I don't even remember why I tried it, except to see what would happen.