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Community Team
Community Team

Top Two Feature Ideas/Issues/Bugs for Mobile

In Canvas Feature Ideas​, the top ten voter getters that are also tagged with mobile​ are:

  1. Option to Use Stylus with Speedgrader on Ipad (80)
  2. Integrate Polls for Canvas Mobile App with Desktop Version of Canvas (76)
  3. Accept course invites in mobile app (75)
  4. Student assignment annotation on mobile (42)
  5. Gradebook in the iPad App (42)
  6. Integrate Canvas Polls with Gradebook (41)
  7. Allow Annotation of PDF Documents Directly In The Canvas App (37)
  8. Download materials in Canvas Mobile App (34)
  9. Make messages/announcements fully readable in text messages (a la Remind 101) (34)
  10. Student Access Scheduler from Canvas app (32)

In your opinion what are the two most important mobile-related feature idea, bugs, weaknesses, etc?

What other ideas in the community should be tagged for Mobile?

Thanks in advance

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Community Contributor

Hi Scott,

Though not on your list, I'd like to make a push for ​, which I just came across today as an idea, but has seemed to me like a real issue in terms of the usability of the app compared to the browser experience. In addition to being an ID that works in Canvas, I am also a student in Canvas that uses the mobile app and it always seems strange to me that the sequencing of module content isn't an option. Thanks!

Thanks, Jessica...  That is a good one!

Community Coach
Community Coach

All of the ideas on this list would be pretty amazing to have, but to increase use of mobile for our faculty I think more integration with Polls would be a huge help!

  • Integrate Polls for Canvas Mobile App with Desktop Version of Canvas (76)
  • Integrate Canvas Polls with Gradebook (41)
Community Champion

By far our school's #1 would be ​, and #2 would be automatic materials download -- ideally by Offline Content​.

Community Contributor

 @kona ​, I second the importance of Polling integration for both mobile and desktop.


Community Coach
Community Coach

I think the following two features would have the largest impact and has been a missed opportunity for Instructure. This is also a unique way to maximize the use of a mobile device to enhance learning and engage students:

  1. Integrate Polls for Canvas Mobile App with Desktop Version of Canvas (76)
  2. Integrate Canvas Polls with Gradebook (41)

With that, there are some great ideas here that might fit a specific need, I just feel the Canvas Polls features would have a more universal impact. Hopefully all these are added to the app one day!


I'll support morris_admin​ on the ability to progress forwards and backwards through module content in the apps and  @kona ​ on the integration of polling from any device.

Community Champion

I have to agree  @kona ​. 2 and 6 would be great! I don't think anybody on our campus uses the poll app but I am sure they would if it was more integrated in a Canvas course.