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Update iOS Conversation Interface to include Subject and larger Message Area


The Apple/iOS mobile conversation interface is lacking compared to the Android mobile conversation interface. It needs a Subject field and a larger Message area.

Describe your mobile idea.

The iOS conversation interface needs to support the same features as the Android conversation interface.  At a minimum, the user should be able to designate a Subject when starting a new conversation. They should also be able to type their message in a much larger area.  The current field is teeny tiny.  It does expand as you type, but it should be full screen like a user would expect of any standard email/messaging interface.

How will this mobile idea benefit Canvas users?

This will provide users with a common experience across devices. It would allow proper grouping of conversations in Outlook.  It would provide them with an interface that they would expect of a standard messaging/email interface. From a school support standpoint, we could provide better support to our users if the Apple/iOs app conversation interface was the same as the Android app.

Share a use case.

We have parents reviewing messages in Outlook.  Because there is no subject on many of the messages, unrelated messages are getting grouped together. This is confusing and frustrating for them. They expect an email type messaging interface to include a Subject field and a realistically sized area to type in.  


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Community Coach
Community Coach

I completely support this. I find the messages section to be a weakness of the app (and it doesn't have to be!). You might need to split this into two feature requests. One for the subject line, another for a bigger text area. If you post this as an official idea, I will definitely vote!

Community Team
Community Team

Hi Mary! I'm on board too. I think that both aspects of your idea are great! If you submit an idea/ideas, please share links here.