Use of Wearables to Enhance the Student Educational Experience

Community Contributor

Something I am thinking increasingly about is how to use wearables to enhance the student educational experience. The projected growth rate is stunning: by 2019, they are expected to have a five year compounded projected annual growth rate of over 45%. While I and many others are patiently waiting for Instructure to release their Apple Watch app, I know from my MBA studies at a school that uses Blackboard, that BB already has an app. I like the fact that I get notifications on my Apple Watch of announcements and when an assignment has been graded. I dream of the day when I can better utilize it in my studies to better interact with fellow students.

My questions:

* How are others using wearables to enhance the student educational experience?

* Has anybody found a way to make polling or brief quizzes work on wearables? I did some brief searching and couldn't find a way to do it.

I'd enjoy hearing others big picture thoughts on this.