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What CSS/Javascript customizations do you add to your mobile themes?

Hello all,

Would anyone be willing to share and describe what css/javascript code that you may use on your themes for Canvas mobile apps?

Specifically, I want to hide the color overlay in the Canvas teacher app, but my CSS for this isn't working on mobile.

I'm also curious to see what others are possibly doing?



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HI  @ewest ‌, 

We do not use JS for mobile, but we have a few items for CSS. This is relatively minor is focused on refining a few items like custom buttons, horizontal rules, and the default size of some fonts. It's mostly for what we deem as accessibility concerns with the app. All I know is that the CSS for the mobile app if very basic and only affects basic HTML elements. You can't simply copy your web CSS to the mobile CSS and expect things to work. 

As for the CSS and JS, it only affects the content pages and nothing else, so I don't think you'll be able to adjust the color overlay in the course. 

I did this presentation about CSS that might be helpful: 

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(view in My Videos)

I would also point you to a few discussion posts:



This isn't well documented and can feel kind of experimental, just like CSS and JS has always felt for Canvas on any platform. Hopefully this is helpful. 

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Thanks Ryan! This is all very helpful. I appreciate your response and these resources.