Zoom Not Working in Canvas Mobile Apps Menu

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I am creating this to point you to a solution if you are having this issue. After adding our 'paid for' Zoom to Canvas and it was working in the Canvas Courses our Faculty and Students suddenly discovered that the menu links for Zoom were not working in the IOS or Android mobile apps.

We opened these tickets with Canvas and Zoom support:

Canvas Case #08429963

Zoom Support Request #13364688 

Canvas Support Documented This Detail of the Problem

January 21, 2022: "Thank you for the information. When attempting to access Zoom through the course link that was previously provided, I am receiving the same "NO Client ID found(2505)" error when using a computer as well. I was able to locate a potential cause of the error when using console, shown here. Since this 400 error shown in console is occurring from one of Zoom's URLs we would recommend that you continue to work with their support team to investigate this issue. If they are unable to resolve the issue from their end, or if they can provide any information that we can use to help you resolve this issue in Canvas please let us know.

If this does not resolve the issue, or if you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thank you,

Ryan K.
Canvas Support"

Zoom returned with this discovery about our integration which we did with the assistance on a web conference from Zoom support. It appears issues with HTTPS:// and 'Approved Domains' were left out of the original integration entered into the Zoom admin panels. This was not visible to us as Canvas Admins as it was on the Zoom Admin side.


Zoom's Recommended Resolution:

January 28th, 2022: Thank you for contacting Zoom Technical Support!I can see that you are having an issue with an error message: No client ID found in Canvass. Rest assured, I'll be able to help you with that.These are the following causes why you are getting this error: 

  • An erroneous Canvas Site Domain in the “3rd Party Credentials” tab is entered.In the example below the Canvas Site Domain was entered with http:// instead of the correct one which in that customers case was supposed to be https://

  • No approved domains have been added in the “Approved Domains” section in the “LTI Credentials” tab.

Please see below possible solution:To fix/add the correct Canvas site domain:

  1. Login as Admin in Zoom Web Portal

  2. Go to Admin > Advanced > App Marketplace

  3. In LTI Pro > Click on Manage > Configure > Click your LTI Pro account credentials > Click on Edit

  4. Click on 3rd Party Credentials > Edit > Make sure to enter the valid Canvas site domain in the Canvas Site Domain > Save

To add an approved domain in the LTI Credentials tab

  1. Click on the LTI Credentials tab > Make sure to enter the valid approved site domain/s in the Approved Domains field > It will save automatically when you click outside of the Approved Domains bar.

I hope this is helpful. If you have further concerns, please do not hesitate to respond so that I can assist.Thank you,Maria

We are about to implement this change and expect it to resolve our issues. I will post back if it does not and we needed to do more. I would recommend for what ever your errors are you contact Zoom or Canvas support appropriately documenting your issue but if your Zoom menus are not working in mobile apps with the ""NO Client ID found(2505)" error" feel free to use these support case numbers and information to expedite your resolution with Canvas and Zoom support.

To reiterate some details: 

We have a campus paid for license with Zoom.

We worked with Zoom support and our Campus' Zoom administrator to add the Zoom 1.3 integration to our Canvas environment. Zoom was working in Canvas. Faculty and Staff could not use the Zoom menu items to go to the Zoom page in Mobile (IOS or Android) apps. This was invisible to us as Canvas Administrators as the changes needed to be made in the Zoom admin panel.

We sincerely hope these details help the Canvas & Zoom communities. 

Scott Leturno
Center for Teaching and Learning
Moraine Valley Community College