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error in Canvas Calendar from iOS App

Hi there,

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Is anybody receiving tickets of mobile ios app users not being able to see events set on Calendar. We have had many students who receive errors whenever they try to access the calendar from the canvas iOS App. We've sent tickets to support who are investigating, but was wondering if anyone on the community has experienced the same issue.

For some reason the issue happens on student devices, whereas teachers can access the calendar through the app without any errors.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @h_mukaddam ​ - With the recent updates to Canvas for iOS, does your institution still have the same issues with calendar? Let us know so we can help you troubleshoot! Smiley Happy

Hi Kristin

Thanks for the reply .

Yes we are running the latest version of the app, yet still experience these issues with the calendar

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By chance, have you submitted any reports with Instructure Support? If so, what have they been able share?

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We've submitted reports to instructure support, who've told us they are looking into it. Case #01614760

We are now having to direct all students and parents to access the calendar through Safari, as there is no fix available yet.

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @h_mukaddam ​:

Hi! Any updates on this?


Still waiting on a fix!

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We had a similar problem at our school and I think I may have a fix for it. 

When at the Dashboard on the Mobile App, click on the gearwheel and see how many courses you have 'starred'. When we asked our students to only have their academic courses starred and not all their club and announcement courses it seemed to repopulate the calendar. 

Perhaps there's an error in the mobile app that prevents the events being seen if the amount of favorites checked hits a maximum. Not sure what that number is but it seemed to fix the problem for us. 



 @h_mukaddam ~ It's been a while since we've heard from you. Do you have an update you're able to share with the group?

Hi Kristin,

With the latest update, our calendar is now working thankfully.