iOS Browser View Skewed

Community Contributor

I have teachers and students with problems on the iPad because the iOS browser views are not filling up the screen and some items are not resizing to fit the window (as in the center frame where a quiz or content might be). I can understand user-uploaded items but the Canvas window is not resizing to fill the window fully. I have tried this in Safari and the Chrome app, both on and iPad Air running iOS9.1 and on an iPad4 running 9.1.

The need for this to be right is that quizzes don't work properly in the App all the time (such as reviewing answers) and per Instructure, that feature must be done in the browser.

As you can see in the following screenshot, almost a 1/3 of the screen is rendered useless. Zooming is not the problem as it is frame size that is the issue.


Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?