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Any way to check on server/database problems with Canvas?

There are multiple people at our school who cannot login to Canvas right now. We used the district portal through Clever. Multiple people are getting the message: 
"Incorrect user ID or password. Type the correct user ID and password, and try again."

I've tired clearing my cache, using Incognito Mode, and trying to login directly from Canvas instead of from Clever.

My best guesses right now are
1) Some servers at Canvas are down
2) Passwords expire after 30 days

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @jugghayd ...

I am hoping, by now, that those issues that you were experiencing with Canvas have been remedied and things are running more smoothly for everyone at your school.  One of the first things I suggest to people when they ask me, "Is Canvas down?", is to check the Canvas Status page.  Sometimes, however, even though the status page may show that everything is running correctly, there may be other factors involved.  For example, chances are that there are a handful of other servers not owned by either your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or Instructure (the company that makes Canvas) that are getting pinged when you try to log in to Canvas.  These are servers that neither the ISP or Instructure has control over.  So, if one of those other servers goes down because it's part of the pathway to get to Canvas, that could also have an effect.  Here's a Wikibooks page if you want to read more of the technical side of it: Communication Networks/Ping - Wikibooks, open books for an open world.

I hope this will be of some help to you.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take well.