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Can't create an Observer account


I am trying to create a parent/observer account.  I enter in the school's instructure URL and get a google error message:

403. That’s an error.


Error: app_not_configured_for_user

Service is not configured for this user.


If I log out of my google account, when I enter the school's instructure URL, it goes directly to a google account sign in.  If I sign into my account - I get an error message. if I sign into my student's google account it takes me directly to their canvas dashboard.


I tried to download the app and log in. Same issue, when I find my school it takes me to a google login instead of a canvas login page (where I can click "create account" under "parent of canvas user").

I tried to scan my student's QR code to login on the Parent App and it wouldn't work.


Please help if you can.


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