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Canvas Parent App Issue

Hi there,

I downloaded the parent app for Android, and tried scanning the QR code from my computer, but it is saying my account is not linked to a student. However, I am observing two students and the show up on my account when on the computer, so I am not sure what is happening.

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same problem here

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi - I wish I had an immediate fix to suggest, but right now, the best action is to submit a support ticket and have your institution/district escalate it to Canvas Support.

How do I get help with the Canvas Parent app on my Android device? 

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I dont think the parent App, is working proper, I created my parent app user, paired with my child account.. however when I try to log in to parent app.. it will says wrong password.. even the forgot password is not working in this case.. I somehow feel this product is half baked.

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Same problem. I loaded the app and was able to pair with my child the first day. The next day I tried to log into the app it wasn't accepting a password, so I changed it. Now when I log in it tells me that we couldn't find any students associated with this account. If I log into a web browser on my PC, it logs me in to the Dashboard, but it appears almost like I'm enrolled like a student. That is, I have no classes assigned to me. Duh. When I look at the Account link and click Observing, it shows that I'm observing my child. So why is the Android app saying I'm not observing anyone!? Frustrating to say the least. I feel for non-technical parents/grandparents that are trying to navigate this.

I think I'll just look at my kid's app directly as that is the only way I can see anything.

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I am trying to pair my account with my students but the all pairing codes I am getting keep saying its an invalid code. I have typed it in and copy and pasted it in.  Can you please help me?


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when i talked to tech support they said there is a "bug" and that it's not working for the parent app.  The student app works fine on the android but the parent app doesn't.   

the parent app doesn't work on androids.  2 weeks ago I was told they would put a ticket into tech support to see what the issue is.  

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Parent app not working on iphone either. I login to my account to get QR code and not link for it.